Research Services

As museums, galleries and heritage sites try to do more with less, it can be difficult to keep up to date with changes outside of the sector that may be having an impact on your education audiences.  The way schools are managed is changing and as schools increasingly leave Local Authority control the way the curriculum is delivered is changing.

To help focus your schools’ programme and marketing I offer a range of desk-based research services to help you keep up to date with the local education picture.

Number and type of schools within an agreed radius (usually about one hour’s drive)

I will look at the number of Local Authority maintained schools, Voluntary Controlled schools, Free schools and Academies within an agreed area. For academies, I’ll also note the academy sponsor or trust so schools within Multi-Academy Trusts can be identified.

A short executive summary will be provided along with an excel spreadsheet showing results which will also be mapped using postcode data so any clusters can be readily identified. The spreadsheet will contain:

School Name,  Postcode,  Age Range, Type of school, Website, Office/school email

For an additional charge data provided by you from your system can be compared to schools within an area to understand which schools are not visiting you.

Detailed curriculum information

Academies do not have to deliver the National Curriculum and many primary schools choose to deliver non-core subjects via a range of cross-curricular approaches such as the International Primary Curriculum. Many secondary schools ’reverse engineer’ their curriculum from Y7 linking their teaching to public exams taken at KS4.

Curriculum information is publicly available on all school websites as it is one of the pieces of information the DFE require schools to publish online. Additional research will populate extra fields on the spreadsheet for ten primary and two secondary schools close to you which will describe the curriculum approach and pull out key examples of particular relevance to your learning offer. Curriculum mapping will be interrogated so that you can see which year groups study aspects of greatest relevance to you.  Additional schools can be added in discussion with you

Competitor analysis

The learning offer of other museums, galleries and heritage sites within an hour of your site will be collated and will look at the key stages targeted, curriculum links and charges.

Costs will vary depending on location and density of schools along with the level of detail you require. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.