West Stow- Autopsy of the sunken house

Anglo Saxon House

The sunken house at West Stow


A reconstructed Anglo-Saxon sunken house  built with techniques believed to be correct 40 years ago when the Anglo-Saxon Village was first created on the site of a major archaeological excavation reached the end of its life in 2015 and needed to be dismantled for the sake of health and safety. All current archaeological knowledge suggests that when Anglo-Saxon buildings reached this level of natural decay, they were dismantled and such materials that could be recycled were applied to other buildings.

The project

West Stow was  given funding from the Heritage Lottery Young Roots fund to work with young people (aged 11-25) and professional archaeologists to systematically dismantle the house and excavate the pit that remains.

Between October 2015 and April 2016 a group of 17 young people worked together on this project and this blog recorded what they did at each stage.

You can watch a video they created as part of the project here