Services for Schools

Hands-on sessions in the classroom

All sessions are hands-on and allow your pupils to handle real archaeological finds.

Looking at archaeological finds in the classroom

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age- How do we find out about prehistory?

Suitable for KS2 but can be adapted to KS1. Cost £150

This session lasting for half a school day looks at how archaeologists work, what sort of things they find and what these finds can tell us about how people lived. A timeline activity helps children to develop an understanding of the long chronology involved.  The session is hands-on giving every pupil the chance to handle real archaeological finds and a series of sorting challenges helps them to understand developments from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

The session can also be adapted to look at Romans in Britain.

Examining a Roman tile

How do archaeologists work? Suitable for KS2 but can be adapted to KS1. Cost £150

This half day session combines well with the session above and looks at how archaeologists know where to dig, techniques used in excavations and how sites are recorded. Using ‘sandpit’ excavations pupils will uncover finds and have a go at planning, recording and reporting.

Puzzling over flint

Local History. 

A session can be delivered focusing on the local history and archaeology around your school. These sessions are bespoke and will be planned in consultation with you. Costs will depend on the amount of research needed and the length of the session you require.